Contributions to free software projects

Various free software projects are helping me getting things done (or helped me getting a degree at university). I’m very grateful for all the great software, so I like to give something back when I find a bug or need some functionality that doesn’t exist yet.

Here’s a – probably incomplete – list of projects I contributed to:


  • AODV-UU, a userspace routing daemon for¬†wireless multihop networks (adjusting to API changes in the Linux kernel)
  • batman-adv, a kernel space (Linux) routing protocol for wireless multihop networks (multiple patches; adding functionality, fixing bugs)
  • Dallas Temperature Control Library (cleanup)
  • LightDM, the X display manager used by Ubuntu (bugfix)


  • boost, the de-facto extended standard library (bugfixes for boost::optional and boost::filesystem)
  • Botan, a crypto library (added Android and iOS support, improved compatibility to MSVC++, bugfixes)
  • curlcpp, a C++ wrapper for cURL (bugfixes)
  • Cpp-Markdown, a Markdown to HTML renderer (bugfixes)
  • Djinni, a interface binding generator for C++ to Java and Objective-C (bugfixes)
  • SmartSqlite, a C++ wrapper for SQLite (founder and primary contributor)


  • go-restful, a REST framework for golang (bugfixes)


  • Jakstab, a static analysis platform for binaries (bugfixes)
  • jHaushalt, a personal budget tool (bugfix)


  • Selfoss, a web-based feed reader (added some customized feeds and fixed bugs)
  • Silverstripe, a CMS (bugfixes)


  • SwiftMime, a MIME type mapping library (compatibility to newer language version)

Please also have a look at my GitHub repositories.